Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who says you don't still need your family?

I love these two little girls.

Are they not all so beautiful.

Our little June Bug

Sammy K would get so mad and then with in seconds she was gone. It was so funny.

Sammy K

Poor Reeses fell off a chair and bonked her whole face.

Not much I can say other than I love this girl.

I loved these babies, but if I, going to be honest I was a little glad they werent mine.

This is the greatest man ever with his four daughters who he loves unconditionally.

We have all heard a million times that " your sisters are a girls best friend." Well with mine there is no doubt. They are truely the greatest women I know. My brothers not so bad himself. I also have the greatest parents. That is just a known fact!!!! There is no question that I have struggled immensly these last few weeks or even the last year. I have felt like I have lost who I was, no only as a person, but as a mother and a wife. Lucky for me, I have a very patient husband who loves me. I have found it hard that at the age of 30 + you can still struggle and feel so alone. Well I found out very quickly that is not the case. My sister Megan and Lesli, both of who just had babies called and said they were coming home. I talked to Jeff and bless his heart said it would probably be a really good thing for me. Jeff's grandma ended passing away and they were having the funeral a couple of days before I was supposed to go to Rexburg. So we all headed and the funeral was beautiful. She was an amazing lady and I was very grateful to know her. Jeff, who I need to say again how amazing he was took all 4 kids back to Utah and left me in Rexburg to spend some time with my family. I really love him.

I was the only one there yet, so my parents took me to dinner. I loved spending time with just them. They talked and listened and just let me vent. It was amazing. We headed to Idaho Falls to pick up Meg and little Sammy. By the time we got back to the house, all my sisters were there and I was beyond grateful for the family I am apart of. I truley missed my sisters. We got kids settled and went to bed.

My poor dad was full of a house of very emotional girls. Majority of the time I am in awe of the man that is my father. He is a man that I love and always will.

It was an amazing weekend. We sewed, (ok they sewed because I don't , but had fun watching) we laughed harder than i have for a while, and we ate way to much. My mom always makes sure we have plenty. Really, My mom is my idol. She is the reason I am the mother I am today. My sister's cornered me and wanted to know how I was. It was a great talk. Again, I missed my sisters. In fact I get teary eyed even writing this.

My sisters are all moms now and I couldnt be more proud of them. They are amazing. I actually caught myself tearing watching them and who they have grown up to become. We owe that to my mom and dad. I will forever be grateful for a weekend with my family. I don't care how old you get, you still need home. Beware of the picture overload. I love you Michelle, Megan, Lesli, Shay, and even Mike. Mom and Dad there are no words. Believe it or not you saved me that weekend.


Marcy Cheney said...

Oh Brooke...I hate that you've been struggling with your "identity" lately:( You are an amazing, beautiful person and those of us who really know you see it...I'm so glad you had your family weekend and that you have such a close relationship with your Mom and sisters. I'm sure that weekend was just the medicine you needed. AND, you all are beautiful:0) LOV Ya kiddo